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Review | “Super Cool Color” Hair Dye by Bleach London

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Today is a first, my first review on here! Woohoo.

Let me start off by saying how much I love hair dye that you can keep in your hair for the longest time, wash out and still have healthy hair. A lot of brands are coming out with these colors that are a mix between dye and conditioner. Perfect for lazy people like me (you can keep it on forever and not worry about dry hair) and also good for people who can’t stand the “normal” and “strong” smell of the average hair dye.

I bought four “super cool colour” hair dyes by Bleach London since I wanted some change but wasn’t ready for a permanent dye. This is what they say on their page:

For best results use on bleached, very light blonde hair. Lasts between 2-20 washes.

Fade out time depends on hair porosity. Sunlight, heat, environmental factors and friction may also decrease the lifespan of the colour, even without washing. We recommend a strand test before use.

As you can see, it lasts between 2-20 washes and that made me happy. If this was going to plan, I could change my hair color every 3 months, how cool was that?

Even though I don’t have bleached or blonde hair I still wanted to try these colors out. If anything, I would get a nice tint, am I right? I already imagined myself with a pink hue in my hair. Gorgeous.

Let’s just say the only thing you saw was … nothing. You saw no color, shift or tint whatsoever. The only thing that did happen was that my hair was lighter.

So, unfortunately, I can not recommend these dyes for anyone with hair darker than blonde. Light blonde for that matter. Which is a shame cause the concept is fantastic.

While they’re only around 6 pounds, it’s better to invest that money towards something else.

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