Review | deep sleep pillow spray by ThisWorks!

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Today I’d like to talk about something that not a lot of people talk about: pillow sprays.

I’ve got this pillow spray by this works in a beautybox not too long ago. I’ve had this before and really loved it. It smells good (like lavender & rosemary – your pillow basically smells like a kitchen) and it helps me sleep.

Do I fall asleep faster? Do I sleep actually well? Not really. I don’t see much of a difference apart from the fact that lavender relaxes me a little. I don’t fall asleep faster – as it claims – in fact I still have trouble with insomnia. But it has gotten a little better.

Be careful when you use this: don’t spray too much on your pillow or it will be wet and too uncomfortable to sleep on. Been there, done that.

In conclusion, I actually like this spray although I don’t really thinks it works that great. It relaxes me but that’s about it. It’s a nice alternative to other relaxers like pills for example … and much better for your wallet / health too! Please let me know if you’ve had this before and whether it worked or not. Or if you’d never try this in the first place.

Actually, I’ve asked on twitter (you should follow me, I’m fun!) if you think they actually work or if it’s just a placebo … the reactions where mixed. Some love it, some don’t! I guess it just all depends on whether you find a scent that soothes you or not!

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