Review | Wet Brush

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I have a somewhat unusual review for you: a hair brush!

Now, before I lose you and you click off let me tell you: this wet brush is amazing!

It’s small enough to take it with you on your day to day life and it’s effective enough to not make you scream. You know when you have knots in your hair that are difficult to get out? Yeah. Well not with this brush.

You can use it on dry and wet hair and there’s absolutely no pulling! the bristles are very soft and comfortable. It will also give you a scalp massage if you’re up for it. The absolute cute design is a plus as well! Definitely recommend this!

What are your favorite brushes to use? Natural bristles? Plastic? Or just a comb? Please let me know! And also: do you brush your hair when it’s wet or is that a no no for you?

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