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Review | Luminous 3 minute peel by Real Chemistry

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

We’re going to stick with the beauty reviews for a while now I think so here’s the next one!

So this is a peel like I’ve wanted to try for the longest time: you apply this and literally feel the skin coming off. Now, it’s not like acid and it’s not burning your skin. It’s just taking off the dead skin and leaves you with a very soft face.

You have to work in short section though but once you get the hang of it, it’s absolutely amazing. I don’t really know what the science behind this is but it’s so cool to see your skin (along with the product) coming off. (I also enjoy peel off nose strips so there’s that haha).

I can highly recommend this! Although please don’t use this every single day. It didn’t give me any breakouts BUT it’s rather not risk it!

(Note: this product IS cruelty free!)

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