Review | Spot Stick by Australian Bodycare

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I have a skin care review for you!

I received this tea tree oil roll on not too long ago in a beauty box. I tend to have a few breakouts here and there, especially during that time of the month, so this came in handy – also, I’m stressing out because of the quarantine thing.

Now keep in mind, this is tea tree oil. This (in my opinion) doesn’t smell good. And the fact that this is a roll-on doesn’t change that.

Other than that, I actually really like this. I put it on as soon as I feel a pimple coming and after a while it has healed down. No pain, no squeezing, no infection.

Now, I wouldn’t use this every single time I have a zit – mainly cause I forget it – but if I use it, it’s always helping!

Let me know what your tips and tricks are for zit / breakouts / pimples!

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