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(Note: first written in April. Might update later on as well)

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m sharing my experience with the “no poo” challenge with you. In case you don’t know what that is: basically using no shampoo – or close to no shampoo at all. I figured since it’s a new month and quarantine season, why not?! If you want more info on it, please check out this page:

April 1st:

Let me tell you that I only wash my hair every other day. So on April Fools day, my hair wasn’t even washed. However, I was really excited for the upcoming challenge!

April 2nd:

Okay, the big day is here. It felt SO weird to only wash my hair with water. I feel like I never gave my myself such a good head massage as I did today ^^. Given the fact I didn’t use shampoo, I also didn’t know how “clean” my scalp was. I felt like I just had to rub “a little more” and literally stood there for 5 mins rubbing and (lightly) scratching my scalp. Afterwards I put a little coconut oil in my ends and that’s it. My waves looked better. That’s all I can say for now.

April 3rd:

My hair is not as greasy as I thought but still horrible to look at. I can’t wait to finally wash it. I also decided to use conditioner on my ends, at least until my hair gets used to just water.

April 4th:

Okay, this is weird. I had a bunch of trouble. My hair felt super greasy and it took me forever to not have it feel like that anymore. Granted, a bit of oil is good for your scalp but my hair felt like I jumped into an oil swimming pool. My hands felt like that as well. That weird film of oil didn’t leave until I grabbed my towel.

April 5th:

It’s now past 10PM and boy let me tell you: my hair looks DISGUSTING. It doesn’t smell bad but it’s literally hanging in strands, all greasy. Ew. But no matter how bad it is, I just can’t stop touching it for whatever reason. I cannot wait to wash my hair tomorrow!

April 6th:

I can finally wash my hair again! But no matter how much I rubbed, my hair still felt oily. However, it looked a bit better after washing it!

April 13th:

So it’s been a few days since my update and I like my hair much better now! I decided to wash it upside down as well as through my lengths. Voila! No more greasy looking hair. Instead they feel soft and a little dryer than a few days ago. I was probably not washing them correctly.

April 28th:

Last and final update. I’ve changed my routine quite a bit now and am happy to finally call it a routine. I will use a scalp mask twice a month (mid month and end of month) to fully clean my scalp. Other than that I only use water on it. As for my lengths: I use a pea size of shampoo since I couldn’t deal with the greasy lengths and dry af ends.

As you can see, I failed this challenge a little but am happy to report that I definitely use less product. Will save me money and a bunch of plastic waste. It also made me realize that there are so much shampoos and products out there filled with chemicals that hair DOES NOT NEED. In the future I will go sulfate and silicone free as well as vegan and cruelty free!

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