Review | Transforming Body Lotion by ameliorate

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m reviewing this body lotion by ameliorate. I fully used it up and can finally give you my thoughts.

When I first saw this body lotion I thought “great, another one!” as if I didn’t have a huge stack of them already. Then I read into it and was intrigued. It’s specifically designed to help with the little bumps you get on the back of your arms – keratosis.

A lot of people have “chicken skin”, myself included. I was excited to use this lotion and see if it actually helps. You’re supposed to apply it twice a day – I did it right after getting up and right before bed – for at least 4 weeks. (Granted, there wasn’t enough product in for that long, it lasted me roughly two weeks.)

It smelled really good but not too strong. It didn’t linger around! as for my skin / arms. They definitely felt smoother. My chicken skin has almost disappeared as well. Although I feel like it would have been even better if I used it for much longer!

Long story short, I really enjoyed this lotion!

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