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Review | Brow Gel by Eyeko

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m sharing this brow gel by eyeko with you. And I already apologize in advance for the god awful pictures haha.

I haven’t used a brow gel in a very long time, mainly cause they don’t really work on me or have too much tint to them or not enough. This one has a rather small spooly to even get the smallest of hair. The tint is also has a bit of shimmer to it to mimic the natural hair!

Without and with. As you can see, it definitely gives a bit more color and my brows look more defined!

(I told you, god awful pics … lmao) Here I filled them in with powder and then ran the gel through them.

I actually really enjoy this gel. The tint is not too much but still noticeable. I can now see why people are obsessed with brow gels ^^

Do you use a brow gel? If so, which one is it?

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