Acusling Store … it’s a SCAM

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a scam, that I sadly fell for.

I often get these comments and DMs from brands who want me to be their ambassador. You get free products and will be featured on their page. Sounds great, right? Nope.

Just know that these products are NEVER free. You always pay for (overprices) shipping. Plus most of these brands are sending their stuff from China.

I was contacted by a girl from Acusling Store and checked out their products. They seemed okay so I placed an order (plus I wanted to see if they’re actually scamming people or not).

As you can see, I did place an order and the shipping is ATROCIOUS. I ordered to pants / shorts on – now hold onto your chair – JULY 8TH 2020. We’re the 20th SEPTEMBER and I still haven’t received anything. Wowowow.

And as you can see, only one item shipped so far?? Excuse me? How long do you want me to wait for my package?

I did in fact receive something. I’ll show you:


When the description clearly says:


I put this – sad excuse for a shipment – into my stories and shot the girl a DM.

My shipment is – apparently – still on the way, even though it was send off on August 1st. I also had to delete the story (mainly cause I’m a nice girl but now I’m just sick and tired).

Plus, this is the only store I ordered pants / shorts from, so there was NO mistake.

Please please please, do not fall for this. I have some other stores I ordered from and boy could I tell you stories.

Acusling Store, you should be ashamed. Not only are you trying to get vulnerable “influencers” onto your site, you’re also probably not paying your girls and boys enough to make contact with said influencers. You’re taking advantage of everyone.

Edit: 6th OCTOBER 2020.

I STILL haven’t received my package. I’ve been talking to the main page – and whoever runs that – for a while and the only thing they say is “i’ll track your package”. I asked them twice for my money back. They completely ignore my concerns. DO NOT FALL FOR ACUSLING.


One of my items has arrived last week. And it’s literally the cheapest material and pants I’ve ever seen in my life. It feels cheap, looks cheap and it too tight and almost see-through. So disappointed.

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