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Review | Niacinamide Serum by Good Molecules

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Are you ready for some more skin care? Because I certainly am!

I bought this serum because Alex Anele was talking about it in one of her videos. I’ve been trying to upgrade my skincare game for the longest time now and seeing that Good Molecules is cruelty free and loved everywhere I gave it a shot.

I really enjoyed this serum. It doesn’t smell like anything in particular – good for sensitive skin – and sinks in rather quickly. It also makes your skin super soft and ready for face cream. The dropper is a big plus as well!

No irritation, breakouts or anything with this. It’s actually quite gentle on the skin and I love it. So much that I would repurchase it!

Have you ever tried this? And did you like it? Let me know!

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