Review | Handmask by Starskin

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I am sharing a hand mask review with you – cause I feel like it’s something we could all use right now haha.

Now, we all probably have dry hands thanks to the weather and thanks to washing our hands so often / using a lot of hand sanitizer. So this StarSkin hand mask came in very handy.

It’s one of those masks that have serum on the inside and the outside is dry so you can still get things done. Like applying make up, writing or anything else.

It feels a little weird when you first put them on. And if you leave them on for too long your fingers and hands will crinkle up like you’ve been in the bathtub for too long.

However, it’s actually very nourishing. My hands felt super soft afterwards. It also makes you feel like you’re in a spa so it’s a two for one deal: spa feeling and soft hands.

I can definitely recommend this hand mask! Have you ever tried anything by StarSkin? Or a hand mask? Please let me know 🙂

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