Review | Wipe Out Swipes by Magn!tone

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I want to give you a very quick review of these make up removal pads! Let’s go.

I recently received these in a beauty box and was super excited. I’m already using microfibre towels (for over 2 years now!) and know how convenient these are. The only thing you need: water. No make up remover, nothing. So when I saw these I immediately had to use them.

Why? Cause I love the fact that they’re actually pad sized. Like a normal cotton pad but obviously made out of microfibre. And guess what? They work so well. Super gentle on the eyes (thanks to them being so soft) and they take off every inch of make up – mascara, liner, shadow, you name it!

I can highly recommend these since you’re not only saving money when it comes to removers but you’re also doing something good for the environment! Love them!

Have you ever reusable make up wipes? Did you like them? Let me know! 🙂

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