Swatches | Vegan Love + Alchemist Holographic Palette by KVD

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today i’m sharing some more swatches with you! From the “Vegan Love” palette and the “Alchemist Holographic” palette by KVD! Let me know what you think 🙂 (Note: both of these are cruelty free)

Movie Review | Arrietty

Info: Arrietty, a tiny, but tenacious 14-year-old, lives with her parents in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper. Like all little people, Arrietty remains hidden from view, except during occasional covert ventures beyond the floorboards to “borrow” scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts. ButContinue reading “Movie Review | Arrietty”

Review | Dark Oil Shampoo + Conditioner by Sebastian Professional

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a shampoo and conditioner review for you! My first thought when I got this was: wow this looks really fancy. They even smelled fancy! you know that typical shampoo scent you have at the hair dresser? Yep. I was excited to use both of theseContinue reading “Review | Dark Oil Shampoo + Conditioner by Sebastian Professional”

Movie Review | Kiki’s Delivery Service

Info: Veteran animator Hayao Miyazaki directs this buoyant children’s adventure yarn about a young witch striking out on her own. At her mother’s behest, 13-year-old Kiki sets out on a year-long apprenticeship with her black cat in tow. With a shaky command of her broom, she ends up in a charming little coastal town thatContinue reading “Movie Review | Kiki’s Delivery Service”


Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a topic for you that really got me thinking over the past few days: animals secretion / septic fluids in skincare. I recently received a #LFBeautybox that contained this: As you can see: a cleansing balm that consists of … bee venom. Yeah, you readContinue reading “WHY WE DON’T NEED ANIMAL SECRETION IN OUR SKINCARE”

Review | Hand Mask by Skimono

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I have something a little different for you: a hand mask! I’ve used this one before but recently got it in another #LFBeautyBox so I figured I could give you another review – since this wasn’t on my blog yet! As you can see, it contains twoContinue reading “Review | Hand Mask by Skimono”


Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’d like to share a list with you of the things I pack when doing a city trip aka a bunch of sightseeing and walking. Basically, this list is for when you only go for 3-4 days. As I’m becoming more and more minimalistic, I try toContinue reading “HOW TO PACK LIGHT FOR A CITY TRIP | MINIMALIST”

Review | Black Magic Eyeliner by Eyeko

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to talk about this liner that I recently received: black magic eyeliner by Eyeko. It’s in the shade “black” and let me tell you: this doesn’t budge or smudge. Now granted, it’s very liquid-y and takes a while to dry down but once it isContinue reading “Review | Black Magic Eyeliner by Eyeko”

Movie Review | Father Was a Fullback

Info: Fred MacMurray stars as college football coach George Cooper, whose team can’t win a game to save its life. George finds some comfort in the arms of his wife Elizabeth, but his young daughters Connie and Ellen are too concerned with boys to pay their dad any attention. Connie causes no end of troubleContinue reading “Movie Review | Father Was a Fullback”

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