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Review | “Wipe out” cleansing cloth by Magn!tone

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing something eco friendly with you: a reusable make up remover cloth! Like I said, this is a washable make up remover cloth. You basically only need water and you’re good to go. I’ve actually had some microfibre towels before (and still use them to thisContinue reading “Review | “Wipe out” cleansing cloth by Magn!tone”

Review | Konjac Sponge (Charcoal) by So Eco

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I’d like to talk about this Konjac Sponge that I received in a recent beauty box. If you’re like me and never even heard of a konjac sponge before, here is the meaning: Made from natural konjac root (a porous vegetable that grows in Asia), konjac sponges were first createdContinue reading “Review | Konjac Sponge (Charcoal) by So Eco”