Movie Review | The Lodger

Info: In London in 1889, retiree Robert Burton and his wife, Ellen, rent a spare room to the mysterious Slade as Jack the Ripper continues to terrorize the city. The Burtons’ niece, Kitty , is a music hall singer who initially grows fond of the eccentric lodger, but, when the Ripper’s body count rises, sheContinue reading “Movie Review | The Lodger”

Movie Review | The man who could work miracles

Info: As a result of a discussion between a trio of gods over the true worthiness of Earth, a retiring British shop assistant is granted miraculous powers. George McWhirter Fotheringay’s new powers are virtually limitless. Choosing to use them for good, Fotheringay sets out to create a utopian society. Thoughts: I actually really enjoyed thisContinue reading “Movie Review | The man who could work miracles”

Movie Review | A Royal Scandal

Info: Based on a play by Lajos Biro and Melchior Lengyal, this film dwells upon a fictional incident in the life of Russia’s Catherine the Great. Catherine falls in love with a handsome young army officer, who turns out to be an insurrectionist planning her downfall. Thoughts: This movie tried so hard to be funny.Continue reading “Movie Review | A Royal Scandal”

Movie Review | Hedda Gabler

Info: A scheming woman marries a nice but dimwitted intellectual out of convenience. She hears that her old lover is back in town. She decides to destroy his life, jealous of his love affair with another. Thoughts: Ingrid Bergman completely owns this role. She’s perfection in this and while the story itself is not thatContinue reading “Movie Review | Hedda Gabler”

Movie Review | Father Was a Fullback

Info: Fred MacMurray stars as college football coach George Cooper, whose team can’t win a game to save its life. George finds some comfort in the arms of his wife Elizabeth, but his young daughters Connie and Ellen are too concerned with boys to pay their dad any attention. Connie causes no end of troubleContinue reading “Movie Review | Father Was a Fullback”

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